~Birmingham, AL Baby Photographer~

Baby "C" turns one...rocking his AU hat!!! Love this little fella!!!

~Birmingham, AL Baby Photographer~

Another sweet baby from my baby plan...oh how I love all my babies!!! Isn't he such a cutie...LOVE these sweet little tootsies!!

~Birmingham, AL Newborn Photographer~

One of the newest memvers of my "Milestones" baby plan. He is such a cutie and did so well during his session!! Mommy and Daddy are head over heals for this sweet little guy and you can see why!! Can't wait to watch him over the next year...

~Birmingham, AL Baby Photographer~

Graduate of my baby plan...I have loved watching her grow over the last year!! She is such a cutie and so sweet!! Thank you for letting me capture her first year for you!!!

~Birmingham, AL Baby Photography~

Sweet birthday boy!!

~Birmingham, AL Maternity Photographer~

I was so excited when my sweet neighbor told me she wanted to do some maternity pics...I love parents-to-be and they joy that they hold wating on their sweet little bundle of joy!!!


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